Whenever you pack a box with things, there’s always the question of how to best fill it in order to protect the contents and to allow maximum usage of the box. Here are 4 simple tips that can help you save space and make sure that your belongings are protected as you move them from place to place.

  1. Group things together!

When packing, keep each room separate from each other. Write numbers or the names of the room on the boxes and make a guide that you keep at the storage container to remind what is what. This makes finding things a lot easier.

  1. Protect with padding!

Place some filler material in with your possessions for some extra cushion that can help protect them in case of a fall. Bubble wrap, packing paper, towels and packing peanuts are all good choices. Whatever you can do to provide an extra layer of protection to the outer rim of the box will be worth it if it preserves the contents. Fragile items should get their own wrapping and be placed with similar items such as fine china or electronics.

  1. Keep your boxes as full!

Keep the heavy stuff on the bottom and then stack as full as possible before sealing boxes. Open spaces will create sag and when the boxes are stacked, this may create a problem. If you don’t have enough things to fill a box to the brim, put filler in to negate the empty space such as packing paper or peanuts. Keep the total weight of the box in mind as well. Smaller boxes should be kept under 30 lbs, and larger boxes kept under 50 lbs, for ease of moving and to make sure the structure of the box remains intact and doesn’t fall apart due to stress.

  1. Close with care!

Don’t skimp on the packing tape. This could lead to problems as you move and relocate your boxes around. It’s better to use long pieces of tape and wrap them far around the box to create more leverage. Also, try and use a cross on each box to secure tape from both sides and add a little more structural integrity to the box itself.

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