There comes a time in a persons life where you just feel like you’re running out of
room. When this time rolls around for you, self-storage can help. As self-proclaimed
storage pros, we have come up with a few tips on how to box your special
belongings while in storage.

Label It
No matter what you are storing, it helps to stay organized. Whether you are moving
homes or offices, labeling your boxes will help you keep track of everything before,
during, and after your move.

Use The Right Packing Materials
Not all moving boxes were created equal. Finding the right size box, crate, or tub is
essential. Other packing materials you may need include packing tape, scissors, and
labeling materials.

Use Lids
Half-empty boxes can shift during transportation and can collapse. Use foam
peanuts to fill in gaps in your boxes and use bubble wrap to secure any fragile items.
Anything left open can become dusty and exposed to the elements., so be sure to use
a lid or tape the top of your boxes down.

Distribute The Weight
When putting your valuables into storage boxes, take care to distribute the weight
evenly. Also, make sure the boxes aren’t too heavy for whoever may be lifting them.

We know that packing for storage can be tricky. Next time you are packing for
storage, try using one of our tricks to help make your move a breeze! If you’re ready
to reserve your self-storage unit, please contact our office in Joplin, MO.