As life goes on the volume papers we accumulate increases. There are birth certificates, passports, tax returns, art, photographs, certificates and other things that we need to maintain. These should all be stored in some type of sealed container or box. As the amount of papers you need to keep in life increase, so will the number of boxes you need to hold them all. These boxes are valuable and need to be protected from water, fire or any other type of damage that may occur.

The simplest and safest solution for these is climate controlled mini storage units.

These are the perfect place to store all of your important papers. The units are monitored for temperature and humidity to ensure safety from mold and mildew. If you’re storing your boxes in an attic or a basement, your papers are at risk to damage due to moisture. The paper fiber attracts mold and even a little moisture can result in your important documents being damaged or destroyed. Climate controlled mini storage units help to solve this problem before it starts.

When preparing papers for storage, make sure the paperwork is easy to read and store them in a box that is made to hold documents. Most office supply stores will have strong boxes specifically suited to this purpose. They come in a large variety of options from which you can choose. Any antique or significantly aged paper should be wrapped before storing to protect it.

Any papers that you may need quick access to should be stored near the front of the unit so you can easily locate them when needed. This applies to all legal and business paperwork as well.

If you’re looking for climate controlled mini storage in Joplin, MO, come check out our facilities. We have just the solution for your storage needs.