When you take your belongings, such as clothes or furniture, out of storage, it should smell as fresh as they do you put them into storage. If you want to keep your unit smelling fresh, here are some helpful tips.

Dusty Odors

As dust and humidity build in storage units, they create that smell that often reminds you of an old library or a trip to your great grandparents’ house. The best cure for this is prevention, by keeping places where dust might congregate to a minimum. Seal all books and papers, store clothes in plastic containers or special closets. Wrap upholstered furniture in plastic. This is easy to clean and a difficult place for any dust and humidity to congregate. It will go a long way in preventing that dusty smell from returning.


Moisture can be damaging to items placed in storage, but can be dealt with in a variety of ways. Silica gel pack can be placed inside containers. In addition to this, you can run a fan to circulate the air or consider purchasing a dehumidifier to run when necessary.

Getting Rid of Existing Odors

If you want to get rid of existing odors, try opening a bag of charcoal. Usually one five-pound bag left near upholstered furniture is enough to do the trick. Coffee grounds are also a favorite choice. Paper bags filled with fresh coffee grounds can be placed strategically around the room to remove bad odors.

If you’re looking to move to a unit that is odor free, come see us our mini storage units in Joplin, MO. We have a solution that is right for you.