Many people have a garage attached to their home, but few actually use them as a place to park their vehicles. Most people use them as a storage shed and fill them with items until there is no longer any room within the space. As time progresses, the garage becomes avoided and inaccessible due to the large amount of clutter it contains.

The truth of the matter is that garages were designed as a place to store ones car. A properly maintained garage helps to keep your vehicle looking pristine longer and helps to protect the paint and exterior appearance of the car. In addition it helps to shield it from extreme weather like snow and hail and eliminates the need for sunshield. It’s also easier and safer during bad weather as you can go from being in your house to being in your car without having had to expose yourself to the elements.

You can reclaim your garage for the vehicle haven it was supposed to be by ridding it of all the items that are now taking up space, freeing up the space necessary for your vehicle. This can be done through mini storage. Mini storage gives you a safe place to store your belongings where they can be housed until their needed again, allowing you to finally reclaim your garage…your car will thank you.

If your interested in learning more about mini storage solutions, come by our offices in Joplin, MO and check out our storage solutions. We have long term mini storage and short term mini storage and can find the exact fit for your storage need