It’s Christmas time. A time when millions of people around the world come together with friends and family to celebrate the season of giving. Food will be shared, stories will be told and presents will be given.

However, once the day is over and all the boxes are unwrapped, you may find yourself wondering where to put all the new things that have come into your home. You don’t want to throw anything old away, but you need more space for the new things you’ve been given. So what do you do?

This is where mini storage can be a life saver. It gives you a safe place to store all the things you don’t have room for, but aren’t yet ready to throw away. This creates more space for the things that are important to your right now, without having to make any hard choices.

If this sounds like the right solution for you, contact our offices in Joplin, MO. We offer climate controlled mini storage with 24 hour locked keypad security. For larger items, we also offer auto storage and RV storage. Contact us today and let know how we can help you create some space at your place.