As we prepare for the Christmas season, thousands will be going to the garage, basement, or attic and pulling down the boxes of Christmas ornaments and decorations.

One thing that may once again strike many with surprise this year is how much space those areas contain when there’s no boxes stacked in them. There may be whole closets are rooms that are suddenly empty due to removing the Christmas decorations.

Wouldn’t you like to have those rooms available to use for other purposes besides storage? Perhaps as a home office, or maybe a spare bedroom? Wouldn’t you like to use the closet for clothes again?

If anything else, wouldn’t you rather have a place to put those decorations for the year without having to climb up and down out of the attic.

This is why self-storage is such a wonderful option. It allows you to take back your home, one room at a time and actually live in your living space.

If you’d like to see what options we’d have available and how self-storage can be an effective and efficient solution for your storage needs, we’d love to help. Come by our Joplin, MO location and see how we can help you.