The summer is nearing it’s end and thankfully school is about to begin. The kids will be in classes, the vacations will be over and you can finally get back to some sort of routine in your daily life.

There won’t be any need for the baseball gloves, bats, swimwear or any of the various trinkets you picked up along your travels. The only thing you have to figure out now is where to put it all.

This seems to be the age-old discussion and the unanswerable question –  where do we put all the stuff that we accumulate throughout our life’s journey…or maybe just the summer.

It’s not that we don’t have places and spaces, it’s that all those places and spaces are already full of other stuff! We need a place to sort everything that we’ve gathered, that’ll hold it until we need it again so that we can come up with some measure of order in our lives.

Fortunately there is an answer.

Freeman Mini Storage has just what you need to store all of those things accumulated throughout your summer travels. Our solutions are perfect for the smallest of items all the way to auto storage, RV storage and things needing climate control. Whether it be for short-term mini storage or long-term mini storage, we have an answer for you.

If you’re seeking mini storage contact our location in Joplin, Missouri and let us know how we can help you.