When coming to the realization that you can no longer store all your belongings within the confines of your property, it’s time to start seeking out different avenues to provide you some comfort in your home. Sometimes, finding a storage becomes something that is an immediate necessity. Therefore, giving you very little time to shop around at local storage unit facilities before having to make a decision. Unfortunately, many people walk into the purchase with their eyes closed, not thoroughly considering and weighing all options before starting to rent a storage unit. Freeman Mini Storage of Joplin, MO wants you to be educated and prepared to make the right decision when picking out a storage unit that suits your needs and budget. Here are a couple helpful tips to consider before making a decision:


One of the first things to consider when searching for storage units is the level of safety provided by the facility. Not only does it matter what part of town the storage unit is located in, but it also matters that the company houses on-site security systems to help prevent your belongings from being stolen. Prior deciding on a storage unit, ask about the security they provide. Here at Freeman Mini Storage, not only are our units fenced in, but we also supply you with a keypad lock that only you will have the password to. As if that’s not enough, we also house many cameras’ on our premise to ensure maximum security of your belongings.


Do you have items that you’ve wanted to store in a unit but are afraid to because of climate imperfections? Whether you’re worried about the extreme heat from the summer or the low temperatures that winter brings, Freeman’s Mini Storage has you covered with our climate-controlled units. No matter what time of year we’re facing, you can always be confident in the fact that your temperature-regulated storage unit is keeping your personal items the way you intend for them to stay.


Accessibility is yet another thing to keep in mind when shopping around for a storage unit that best suits your needs. Many units in the Joplin area are not as accessible as you would like for them to be, but here at Freeman Mini Storage, we understand that many of your items may be coming from a large box truck, or even a semi. Keeping this in mind, we’ve made an effort to provide you with the largest amount of space possible, allowing you to easily haul in your belongings in over-sized vehicles.

Once you’ve found yourself needing a storage unit, first consider these helpful tips while shopping around for a space that is suiting for your needs. Then, call Freeman Mini Storage, because there’s no one that can offer the security, climate-control, and accessibility like we can. Come visit us and we’ll be happy to show you why Freeman’s is your premier storage unit facility in Joplin, MO. Call us at (417) 624-6098 or visit our website, www.ministorageofjoplin.com.