RV’s come in all shapes and sizes (and price tags). There are countless models and customizations that give you endless opportunities when selecting a motorhome. Once you have an RV, consider RV storage at a mini storage location with 24 hour locked/keypad security. Listed below are some of the more popular styles of motorhomes you can purchase.

 Class A Motorhome

Big on size and big on luxury, and big on price, too. Sizes range from about 22′ up to about 45′, with and without slides, gas or diesel engines, pusher or puller (rear or front engine), and just about every amenity you could think of. The more amenities, the bigger the price tag. Some of the really nice Class A motorhomes start around $500,000.00.

Class B Motorhome

The Class B is built on a van chassis with a raised roof. They are smaller, very easy to drive and contain some of the same amenities as a Class A or C. However, Class B’s are expensive, particularly when compared to a similar sized unit.

They are generally fully self-contained, with a refrigerator, sink, hot water, air conditioning and heater and comfortable sleeping facilities. Many have showers and a toilet. Although smaller in capacity, they may even have holding tanks for your fresh water and gray/black water.

Class C Motorhome

Class C motorhomes can be almost as luxurious as Class A motorhomes, but generally on a smaller scale. They are built on a van or truck chassis and many models come with slide-outs to make them even more spacious. The Class C is great for families as they generally have lots of sleeping areas, perfect for weekend trips or permanent vacations.

Travel Trailer

The travel trailer is the number 1 selling RV type in the history of the industry. They range in size from about 9′ up to around 40′. They are the most popular due to the many size options available, the relatively low cost and many people already have a suitable tow vehicle. The smallest models can be pulled by an SUV, the ultra-lights can be pulled by a 1/2 ton pickup and the larger trailers can be towed by 2500/3500 series trucks.

 Pop-Up Camper

Folding camping trailers are the least expensive RV type. Referred to as tent trailers or pop-up trailers, folding camping trailers are designed from the ground up to be lightweight and inexpensive while providing many of the conveniences found in a basic travel trailer. Because of their relatively small size, folding camping trailers can easily be towed by a typical mid-size car, and even compact cars in some cases. A folding camping trailer can be thought of as a large, expandable tent built on a trailer.


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