Perhaps you’re considering renting a mini storage unit and are unsure cliental they cater to. No matter your situation, a mini storage facility provides the space you need at an affordable cost. While every person has different reasons for renting a storage unit, there are certain people who will especially benefit from their service. Read on for a few of the common categories of people that decide to rent a mini storage unit.

RV Owners: Since many mini storage facilities offer outdoor vehicle storage, these facilities are ideal for RV owners looking for a safe place to keep their RV. An RV is an expensive vehicle that people rely on for vacations and temporary living. A mini storage facility provides high-end security that will ensure your RV is safe. Since RV’s take up so much space, many owners choose to rent mini storage space simply because they don’t have anywhere else to put it. RV owners who live inside the city limits are often limited on storage space and opt to store their vehicle at a facility.

Boat Owners: A boat slip can be expensive and doesn’t provide the safety a mini storage facility offers. Boat owners store their boats in mini storage to prevent vandalism and theft, and to protect the boat from damaging winds and weather. Whether you own a pontoon or a speedboat, a mini storage facility is an ideal place to keep your prized possession during the off-season or in between taking it out on the lake.

People with Climate Sensitive Possessions: We accumulate a large number of possessions in our lifetime, and many of these possessions are sensitive to extremely hot or cold weather. A mini storage facility allows you to store items year round that you are unable to store in your work shed or garage, perhaps. Climate controlled units let you adjust the temperature and maintain the quality of your possessions, regardless of the weather.

Renters: One of the most common groups that choose to use mini storage is home or apartment renters. A rental home or apartment is usually a temporary living situation; most people who rent need extra space to store their belongings. Renters are limited on what they can store on their property, so they turn to self-storage facilities. A single renter alone can have a plethora of possessions, not to mention a couple or family that is renting. Mini storage facilities offer short and long term care for your possessions and can help you when transitioning to a new place.

Business Owners: Whether you’re running a start-up out of your basement or you’re a multi-millionaire mogul, mini storage facilities are a great resource. Business owners can use storage units to store important files or inventory. Some business owners even use storage units as a place to showcase their products. If you are lacking in office space, a storage unit is the perfect place to keep furniture, office supplies, and other hardware.