At Freeman Mini Storage, our customer’s satisfaction is our top priority. With that, we have been using
24/7 video surveillance at our storage facility. As a self-storage facility, we cater to a wide range of
customers: from college students storing items during their summer break to homeowners who are
looking to downsize. With our clients coming in and out of their units, we have to ensure that our
grounds are safe at all times.

We use video surveillance as both a deterrent for would-be thieves and as a way for our managers to
monitor all activity throughout the complex to improve the security of your valuables. Our video
cameras are typically monitored during business hours, and all activity is recorded for 24/7 for easy

Having video surveillance with excellent coverage of the property gives our tenants a sense of security.
And in the storage industry, we’re in the business of security. If people didn’t care about the things they
were storing, they wouldn’t store them. We know our customers want their items to remain safe.
Your security is our priority! If you’re ready to reserve your storage unit, please give us a call at (417)