During the summer, people become more active, spend more time outside, and have
a chance to clean up and pack away some of their winter belongings that they no
longer need.

Whether you are doing some yearly cleaning and want some more space in your
home or garage, or if you are in the process of moving to a new home or office, the
additional space that a storage unit provides may be extremely useful.

Self storage units is the perfect solution for those people looking to reclaim their


What Do People Store in the Summer?
Summer is a busy time for storage companies because people enjoy creating extra
space by packing away those seasonal items that they won’t need again until the
color months. Why keep those items around to collect dust when you can store them
in a climate controlled storage unit? Some common items people store in the
summer include: winter clothes, snow blowers, shovels, holiday decorations,
tailgating equipment, snowmobile, household belongings, and college dorm


Storage Unit Features to Consider When Storing In The Summer
You’ll need to consider what features you want your self storage unit to have before
you make your decision. In the summer, it’s extremely important to make sure your
storage unit has these features:
 Climate Control: especially nestled here in Joplin, MO, summer is extremely
hot. Sensitive items like wood, electronics, decorations, books, and clothing
can be damaged by extreme heat and humidity. Climate control prevents
 Drive-Up Access: Drive up access is convenient when you need to quickly
drop off winter items and grab other things in your storage unit, spending
the least amount of time in the hot weather as possible.
 Security: In order to protect your valued belongings, find a storage facility
that offers great security measures like video surveillance. These features
will give you the peace of mind you deserve so you can enjoy your summer

Summer is peak storage unit season and self storage units can fill up quickly. If you
are ready to reserve your storage unit, or if you have any questions about the
services we provide, please call our office located in Joplin, MO today!